• Legendary Japanese Majestic comb, which will help restore hair, enhance growth and stop hair loss. The comb makes the hair healthy and manageable and prevents the formation of dandruff. Unique comb design with different length teeth: effectively cleans hair, massages the scalp, combs easily, stimulates blood circulation.

      During combing, the scalp receives a pleasant warming massage that increases the blood supply to the hair, thereby improving their growth. Thin and moderately elastic teeth gently comb the hair, pleasantly massage the skin and effectively cleanse the head during washing. A comb, in addition to normal use, is used as a massager after applying shampoo to the head to stimulate blood circulation, removing deposits of keratinized skin layers. Such deposits can be a big problem because they clog pores where sebaceous secretions accumulate. Stopped sebaceous secretions decompose, lead to inflammatory processes with the release of an unpleasant odor. And one more convenient function of this comb - when washing off the shampoo, it will perfectly help this process, the shampoo along with the dirt will be completely removed from the hair

      How to use: lather your head with shampoo and comb your hair along the massage lines, also use to comb dry hair. The comb is made of durable material. Size 196 mm. - 45 mm. - 40 mm.

    Gift set includes: long handle comb, stand, case and packaging.

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