The course is composed of the following means:

    • 1. Serum Lebel Proedit Care Works CMC , LEBEL - 150ml  
    • 2. Serum Lebel Proedit Care Works NMF , LEBEL - 150ml  
    • 3. Serum Lebel Proedit Care Works PPT , LEBEL - 150ml  
    • 4. Serum 1 stage Lebel Proedit Care Works Element Fix - 150 ml

    and is intended for the regeneration of hair damaged as a result of cosmetic treatments, the environment and age.

    As a result of applying the course, the hair will gain a second youth, their structure will be restored, firmness, elasticity and healthy coloring will return. Serums contain almost all modern hair restoration products - ceramides, amino acids, proteins and other cosmetic components.

    Instructions for use

    • Step 1. The CMC Serum prepares the hair for processing and penetration into its internal structure of medicinal substances. Based on lipids.
    • Step 2. NMF serum acts on the hair structure to its very depth, works on the basis of hyaluronic and lactic acid in combination with dozens of different amino acids selected by professionals.
    • Step 3. PPT Serum makes hair elastic and vital. Based on the proteins of natural products - Japanese silk, rice and soy, as well as glutamic acid.
    • Step 4. Element FIX serum fixes the restored hair structure, ensures long-term preservation of results. The serum is based on natural products and it is she who gives the hair a natural glow of health.

    The serums are applied to a section of hair, then to the next section, and so on. After treating all the hair with one serum, you immediately need to move on to the next. After completing the entire procedure, from the first to the fourth, wait ten minutes and wash everything off with warm water.

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