Gyokuroen Konbucha (kelp tea), 85 g - traditional and unusual in understanding tea, as it tastes salty - sour. Thanks to the rich beneficial substances contained in kelp (the basis of tea), the drink is of great benefit to the body:
    • The thyroid gland. Due to the high content of iodine, algae regulate the functioning of the thyroid gland. The use of this product regularly prevents the development of endemic goiter.
    • Digestive system. Laminaria contributes to the normal functioning of the intestines, helps with constipation. It is able to adjust the metabolism in the body, which favorably affects the general well-being of a person;
    • Nervous system. The presence of bromine in algae contributes to the effective struggle of a person with stressful situations, strengthens the central nervous system;
    • Pancreatitis is also advised to drink a drink due to its high content of cobalt and nickel.

    Cooking method: pour one teaspoon (2 g) of 100 ml hot water 1 g protein

    Ingredients: salt, sugar, umeboshi (Japanese plum), seasonings (amino acids, etc.), kelp, dextrin, coral calcium, flavouring, acidifier

    Pack: 40g
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