The principle of operation is that during the cleaning process, an electric current of insignificant power of 1.5 μA is generated. The polarity of the tooth surface changes (from "minus" to "plus"), which allows the flow of charged particles to attract plaque to the bristles.

    The brush has a shaft made of titanium dioxide (TIO2) capable of releasing negative electrons. These electrons, by attracting the positive hydrogen ions contained in plaque, break it down by neutralizing the acid. The current source is built into the handle of the device, during cleaning you only need to make sure that your finger or part of the palm comes into contact with a special pad that activates it.

    The principle of the display in the picture:

    The life of a toothbrush is about one year. During the year, you can only change the nozzle itself, since it is removable.

    Handle color: blue, white or pink (depending on availability)

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