A rich-tasting broth dressing will not leave you indifferent. It is very problematic to prepare such a broth on your own, since the ingredients are special. The dressing is made by powdering: grilled flying fish from Nagasaki Prefecture, kelp from Hokkaido, dried mackerel from Kagoshima Prefecture, bonito flakes from tuna and dried sardine.

    Bonitos are high in protein and all the essential amino acids the body needs to maintain optimal health. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals, including iron, niacin, and B12.

    Ingredients: bonito (tuna), dried sardine (washi) extract powder, flying fish, sardines, seaweed, salt, powdered soy sauce
    Preparation: Use one sachet at the rate of 500 ml of water. Add sachets to any soup, 5-7 minutes before cooking.
    Refills are many and varied. After opening the sachet, you can sprinkle ready-made stews, fried dishes or just fresh vegetables and salads with dressing. And also quickly pickle vegetables by mixing dressing and vegetable in a bag and in a couple of hours enjoy the taste of a simple but wonderful Japanese snack.

    Package: 30 sachets of 8g t2>
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