100% natural tea, a blend of sencha varieties and powdered matcha tea from Uji.

    In Sencha tea powder, you can consume all 100% of the nutrients found in tea, and this : lipids, vitamin A, vitamin E, dietary fiber, chlorophylls. We usually throw away these components with tea leaves after it has been brewed in a teapot. Catechin, vitamin C, theanine amino acid, caffeine - these components disappear from brewing in boiling water. While the dietary fiber found in the tea leaf improves digestion and reduces appetite. Caffeine makes you feel energized. High quality tea has improved taste.

    Sencha is a type of tea that is steamed and fermented. This gives it a special taste and allows you to save more nutrients. Sencha is produced in the form of leafy tea, as well as in the form of matcha tea (powdered).

    You can easily prepare a delicious drink by simply mixing it with 100 ml of water (both cold and hot)

    Ingredients: green tea (sencha, matcha), dextrin, vitamin C.

    Packaging: 100 sticks
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