Chewable sweets for every day to replenish the body with important vitamins throughout the day. The sweets have a refreshing grapefruit flavor. They are hard to put down, but please take no more than 6 candies per day. For children aged 3 to 7 years, no more than 4-5 pieces per day are recommended.

    Six candies (14.4 g) contain 10 types of vitamins:
    vitamin B1 1.2mg, vitamin B2 1.4mg, vitamin B6 1.3mg, vitamin B12 2.4mcg, vitamin C 100mg, vitamin D 5.5mcg, vitamin E 6 .3mg, niacin 13mg, pantothenic acid 8.8-23mg, folic acid 240mcg)

    Pack: 56g
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