ITOEN Kanai Midori Green Tea, 100g

    Contains (at least 50%) Kanai Midori Green Tea. A distinctive feature of this variety is a special aroma with floral notes and a creamy aftertaste.

    Product Features:
    • Tea leaves containing catechin, which helps reduce body fat in people with a high body mass index
    • Using 100% Kagoshima Prefecture Tea Ingredients.
    • Composed of 50% or more of the rare Kanaya Midori, rich in rich color, floral aroma and deep flavor.
    • Packed with zipper for easy storage.
    Brewed at the rate of 4g tea (teaspoon) per 200 ml boiling water

    This product contains caffeine like regular green tea, so avoid drinking it in the evening before bed. It is also not recommended to take on an empty stomach.
    Pack: 100g

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