HAKUGEN EARTH Milk Bath Salt - is a soothing agent that improves blood circulation, reduces muscle tension, and relaxes. The mineral components of the salt create a moisture-saving veil on the surface of the skin, which enhances the effect of taking a hot bath, activating blood circulation, reduces fatigue and pain in the neck and shoulders, and the sensation of warmth remains even after the end of the bath.

    Recommended for taking to restore the body with severe fatigue, pain in the lower back, shoulders, rheumatism, neuralgia, acne, hemorrhoids

    Take a bath ( 200ml) one sachet is required - 25g

    Pack has 4 flavors:
    • The fragrance of the forest. Water turns milky green
    • Japanese lemon flavor. Water turns milky yellow
    • Sweet orange scent. The water takes on a milky orange hue
    • Cherry flavor . Water turns milky pink
    Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, sodium sulfate, anhydrous silicic acid, pearl barley extract, flavoring, colors.

    Packaging: 12 sachets
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