Children's gum candy to protect teeth from caries, shaped like Anpanman, a Japanese child character. Three flavors: apple, grape and orange. Candies include green tea polyphenol to protect and keep children's teeth strong and healthy. Polyphenols protect teeth from caries, as the tannins contained in it prevent the formation of plaque and the damaging effects of food on tooth enamel. It is recommended to give the child after meals, snacks.

    Nutritional and energy value (per package): 68 kcal, protein 1.4 g, lipid 0 g, carbohydrates 15 .6 g
    Ingredients: Sugar, Starch Syrup, Gelatin, Concentrated Grape Juice, Starch/Sorbitol, Acidifier, Flavouring, Color (Anthocyanin, Gardenia), Tea Extract, Emulsifier (from soy)

    Package: 21g
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