Green drink with a light citrus taste, easy to drink and pairs with any drink. It can be mixed with collagen and protein shakes and even added to food. The drink gives more strength, energy and endurance, increases working capacity, physical and mental stamina, reduces fatigue, which is especially important for people with chronic fatigue syndrome, also with heavy loads and with nervous and physical exhaustion.

    It has no contraindications and restrictions on age and health.

    Daily drink contains: Dietary fiber: 0.70g, sodium: 6.3 ~ 16mg, potassium: 29 ~ 117mg, calcium: 16 ~ 42mg, magnesium: 2.6 ~ 9.7mg, Iron: 0.04 ~ 0.09mg, β-carotene: 56 ~ 440mcg, Vitamin C: 25 ~ 69mg, Vitamin E: 0.11 ~ 0.33mg, Vitamin K: 15 ~ 44mcg, Folic Acid : 15mg, ceramides: 600mg, HTC collagen: 300mg, vitamin P (hesperidin): 50mg, citric acid: 104 ~ 223mg, chlorophyll: 1.9 ~ 6.1mg, SOD: 7800 to 22000 units, lutein: 0.22 ~ 0.57mg

    Daily dose is 1 stick per day.

    Volume: 30 sachets

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