One serving is 40g fresh kale leaves. The drink does not have a characteristic grassy smell.

    Fancl recommends choosing this type of Aojiru for women, those who feel a lack of vegetables in their diet and to maintain female hormonal balance (due to the content of soy isoflavones in the composition ).

    Composition (11 grams, 1 sachet): Dietary fiber: 2.5g, food salt equivalent: 0.03g, potassium: 193mg, calcium: 51mg, magnesium 20mg, iron 0.32mg, Vitamin C: 61mg, vitamin E 0.40mg, Vitamin K: 48mcg, folic acid: 34mcg, beta-carotene: 454mcg, total chlorophyll: 6.2mg, SOD-like activity : 21,000 units, lutein: 0.67mg, soy isoflavones: 8.3mg, soy saponin 12mg, lecithin 99mg, 38kcal

    Contraindications: If you are taking medication (especially anticoagulants) or are on an outpatient basis, please consult your doctor.

    The color and taste of Aojiru juice may vary depending on the packaging. It depends on the harvest season and weather conditions.

    Package: 30 sachets x 11g

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