FAITH Live Collagen & Vitamin C Lamellar Pre-Care Essence Set

    Kis an osmotic preparation containing preserved three-stranded collagen (troppocollagen).
    • The essence is built into the skin, replenishes the lack of its own collagen, and also stimulates the production of new collagen fibers.
    • Promotes smoothing of small mimic wrinkles, prevents the formation of new ones and reduces the severity of deep ones.
    • It has a powerful anti-aging and moisturizing effect. The vitamin C included in the composition has a brightening, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.
    • The result is noticeable immediately after application. In order not to destroy the structure of "live" collagen, it was subjected to long-term dry freezing by vacuum sublimation. After dilution of such a concentrate, it must be stored in the refrigerator so as not to destroy the fragile structure of collagen.

    Key Ingredients: FAITH Nama Collagen® - living collagen with a penetrating effect, powerful anti-aging effect, restoration and strengthening of barrier function, moisture retention, elasticity and "radiance" of the skin. Longan seed extract - prevents the destruction of collagen. Meadowsweet flower extract (Filipendulaulmaria)® is a powerful antioxidant. Active ingredients: FAITH Nama Collagen® (nanocapsules with living collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin and hydrolyzed collagen), vitamin C, longan seed extract, meadowsweet (Filipendulaulmaria) flower extract, royal jelly, elastin, trehalose, phytosterols, raffinose


    • Add dilution liquid to dry concentrate vial and shake well
    • With fingertips, spread a small amount of the resulting concentrate (5-6 drops) over the face (including the eyelid area), paying special attention to problem areas. Absorb the product into the skin with gentle pressing movements. Do not rinse.
    • To complete the care, apply essence, lotion, gel in stages. It is recommended to use daily: - in the morning and / or in the evening after a two-phase cleansing; - after face masks. The vial of diluted concentrate must be stored in the refrigerator!
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