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      Whitening Tooth Powder is a natural tooth powder created by a Japanese dental company at Hokkaido Research University. Unlike traditional abrasive powder, DR.ORAL Whitening Tooth Powder combines natural apatite crystals at a concentration of 40% and tooth powder.

      What are apatites? Apatites are the smallest structural units of human enamel. Due to the fact that the powder contains the highest concentration of natural apatite, the absorption of “pigments” and “dirt”, which cause yellowing of the surface of the teeth, occurs as efficiently as possible. As a rule, manufacturers receive apatites from minerals. But in the case of DR.ORAL Whitening Tooth Powder Apatite is derived from eggshell, which is a more compatible mineral counterpart

      To use: On a slightly damp toothbrush, grab a little powder and polish your teeth for 5-10 minutes. The structure of the powder is very delicate, there is no feeling of powder. There are no abrasive substances in the powder, so this polishing does not lead to deformation of the tooth enamel.

      Contains 100% natural ingredients. Synthetic surfactants, abrasives and mineral oils, synthetic preservatives, synthetic flavors are not used in the formulation.

      Expense (per person): 2.5 months

      Volume: 26g

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