DOKODEMO Matcha tea, 50 servings - Produced in the Kyoto region.

    Preparing tea: Add the contents of one sachet to the mug and dilute it with hot water (100ml) at a temperature not exceeding 70 degrees. If you want to make cold tea, then add 80 ml of hot water and put some ice cubes. The drink is ready.

    Traditionally, Japanese tea is pre-whipped with a special bamboo whisk. To do this, pour the contents of the sachet into 60 ml of hot water (no more than 70 degrees) and beat for one minute until foam appears on the surface. Your drink is ready.

    Not only can you drink matcha tea, but also add it as an ingredient to various dishes: ice cream, when preparing sweet dishes in dough. The taste of matcha gives the dishes an unsurpassed aroma of green tea, a touch of sweetness.

    Package: 50 sachets x 1.8g

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