A comprehensive supplement that contains all the essential nutrients to support your pet's eye health. It is recommended to give the dog from an early age as a measure against eye diseases that increase with age. Salt and sugar are not used. No dyes, flavors, preservatives, chemical additives.

    Ingredients: Beer yeast, pork liver extract, chicken extract powder, pork extract powder , blueberry (blueberry) extract powder, gelatin, blackcurrant extract powder, chrysanthemum extract powder, black soybean seed hull extract, cellulose, eggshell calcium, sucrose fatty acid ester, hydroxypropyl cellulose, fine silica, marigold (containing lutein), hematococcal algae extract (containing astaxanthin)

    Recommended use (based on pet's weight):
    Place tablet on hand and give as is or mix with food pet.
    • Up to 5 kg - 1 tablet.
    • 5 kg ~ 10 kg - 2 tablets.
    • 10 kg ~ 20 kg - 3 tablets.
    • 20 kg or more - 4 tablets.
    Packing: 60 pcs

    • Do not give to animals other than dogs.
    • Do not give to puppies under 3 months old
    • Keep away from children.
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