Formulated with beneficial lactobacilli and natural ingredients that enhance the function of lactobacilli to support a healthy intestinal environment in your pet. Recommended for puppies from 3 months to older dogs with stool problems and bad breath.

    Ingredients: rice germ, soy fermentation extract 250 mg 30 mg, N acetyl glucosamine 10 mg, kiwi fruit extract (powder) 5 mg, Aspergillus extract (aspergillus fungus) (powder) 5 mg, yucca extract 5 mg, lactoferrin 1 mg, (EC-12 share) 5 billion pieces, bifidobacteria 500 million pieces, lactic acid spore bacteria 50 million pieces.

    Main Ingredients: Beer Yeast, Rice Germ, Soybean Extract (Non-GMO), Pig Liver Extract, Bifidobacteria (Powder), Kiwi Fruit Extract (Powder), Extract wheat fermentation (powder), chicken (powder), pork (powder), lactic acid bacteria, N-acetylglucosamine, yucca extract, lactoferrin concentrate, dextrin, maltose, crystalline cellulose, sucrose fatty acid esters, tricalcium phosphate.
    Recommendations for use (depending on the weight of the pet):

    • Up to 5 kg - 1 tablet.
    • 5 kg ~ 10 kg - 2 tablets.
    • 10 kg ~ 20 kg - 3 tablets.
    • 20 kg or more - 4 tablets.
    Packing: 60 pcs
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