• Dent Health R Medical ointment for inflammation of the gums - recommended for bleeding gums, inflammation of the gums. The ointment relieves swelling and redness, eliminates the unpleasant smell of the gums.

      4 active components in the ointment Dent Health R Medical ointment for gum inflammation: dicalcium glycyrrhizic acid has an anti-inflammatory effect, relieves inflammation and redness of the gums, allantoin reduces gum bleeding, has the ability to restore the surface of the gums, hinoctiol - removes astringent sticky plaque, strengthens the gums, relieves inflammation, cetylpyridinium chloride has a bactericidal effect, inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause periodontal disease.

      Apply with your finger to the affected areas in the mouth after brushing your teeth 2 times a day.

      Volume: 20g

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