• The name of the entire line Composio means Composition - consisting of various elements that are combined into a hair protection program. EQ stands for Essential Quality. The program is designed to restore the vitality of damaged hair, protect and strengthen weakened hair, and can be used as a standalone treatment (not dependent on coloring or other chemical treatments), or after coloring/chemical treatments.

      The program consists of three main steps, as well as masks that are selected depending on the type of hair. The products are applied alternately to damp, shampooed hair. Hair restoration program at the molecular level. The low-molecular nanoparticles of COMPOSIO EQ components instantly penetrate the cortex and replenish the missing chemical elements in the structure of damaged hair, which makes it possible to revive hair that has lost its natural strength, energy and beauty.

      DEMIO COMPOSIO EQ SHIELD S (for fine hair) - spray serum is used in the fourth step of the program. A product for protecting heavily damaged, thin hair from thermal and chemical effects. Creates a pseudo cuticle by forming an ionic bond. The active ingredient is chitosan.

      How to use:
      Applied in a row, a small amount of the mask is distributed along the length of the hair with comb-like movements of the fingers. Aged for 3-5 minutes.

      Active ingredients: SMS beta, chitosan, hydrolyzed silk protein, phytosterol.

      Volume: 450 ml

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