Bijou de Mer Rejuve Face Renewal Pack is a leave-in mask rich in carefully selected marine cosmetic ingredients. Creamy mask with a rich concentrated texture fills the skin with moisture and elasticity. The cream smoothly envelops the skin, allowing SIRTALICE™ to tighten the oval of the face. An anti-aging treatment made from the treasures of the sea. This mask is infused with the richest blend of marine ingredients in the Bijou de Mer Rejuve line.

    • Shapes the face into a V-shaped oval for radiant and firmer skin.
    • A creamy mask with a rich texture spreads evenly and gently envelops the skin.
    • Use in your morning routine (rejuvenating mask) for skin that feels so good to the touch.
    • Use in Night Care (Overnight Revitalizing Mask) for amazing hydration the next morning.
    • The mask can be used daily or every other day.
    • The mask is free of fats, silicones and mineral oils.

    How to use: use in the morning (rejuvenating mask) or at night (night restoring mask) once every 2 days. The product can also be used every day, depending on the condition of the skin.

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