AHA Cleansing water Water for removing make-up, 300 ml - comprehensively cleanses the skin: removes make-up and eliminates clogged pores. It has a light peeling effect due to fruit acids, acids have an antioxidant effect and stimulate collagen synthesis.

    Vegetable ceramides restore the barrier function of the skin, hyaluronic acid has an intense moisturizing effect, nano-collagen strengthens the skin and helps smooth wrinkles, camellia seed extract and rice bran glycosphingolipids soothe and soften the skin, heal it.

    Free from oils, alcohol, parabens and dyes. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.

    How to use: Moisten a cotton pad with plenty of product, wipe the skin with makeup, as well as areas requiring cleansing, with light movements. To remove make-up from the eyes, place a soaked pad on the eyelids and eyelashes for a few seconds, then gently remove the make-up.

    Vial: 300 ml
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