YXTC Sports Knee Support - Recommended to use during active pastimes such as running, basketball, football, volleyball, climbing. The knee pad acts as a shock absorber and reduces impact on the knee during sports activities.

    The main functions of knee pads:
    • Protect the knee joint
    • Minimizing the load on the meniscus
    • keep the kneecap stable
    • Knee ligament protection and injury prevention
    • Distribution of pressure on the knee joint
    The breathable and elastic material of the knee pads will provide a comfortable knee during the entire time of use.

    Knee pads are not meant to be worn all the time.

    Material: high quality nylon, silicone lining. Model Unisex - suitable for both women and men

    Size (optional):
    • L sizeknuckle girth: 35~/~45cm
    • XL size thigh circumference 45 ~ / ~ 55cm
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