Soap contains 17 selected herbal ingredients:
    • Mulberry root extract - a moisturizing component containing flavonoids, inhibits the production of melanin and inhibits the formation of pigmentation. Suitable for sensitive areas.
    • Chamomile flower extract - contains endothelin, which controls the production of melanin. Effective for inflammation and dry skin.
    • Alum is a soluble salt that suppresses odor. They have a deodorizing effect, break down alkaline ammonia, and prevent the growth of various bacteria.
    • Hamamelis leaf extract - heals, rejuvenates, and also tightens the skin. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, takes care of sensitive and irritated skin after menstruation.
    • Centella extract - prevents the loss of ceramides, moisturizes and promotes collagen production, preparing the skin for changes from the inside. Suppresses the production of melanin in inflamed skin.
    • Aloe Vera Leaf Extract is a versatile medicinal ingredient made from aloe leaves and sap. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, protects against dryness.
    • Ginseng extract - stimulates blood circulation, has an anti-inflammatory effect.
    • Lemongrass Leaf & Shoot Extract - Known for their antibacterial, firming and regulating properties. Deodorizes, relieves acne, improves sebum secretion.
    • Avocado extract - has a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect

    The soap also contains cosmetic moisturizing ingredients:
    • Bean isoflavone is a moisturizing ingredient, suitable even for weakened skin.
    • Proteoglycan is a strong moisturizing component, along with hyaluronic acid, promotes the production of collagen.
    • Swallow's Nest - sialic acid has an antioxidant effect, directs collagen and hyaluronic acid to the required areas.
    • Glycerol glycoside is a rare ingredient derived from sake. Activates the work of cells, promotes the production of collagen. Inhibits the growth of bacteria.
    • Low molecular weight collagen, elastin - collagen improves the skin from the inside, elastin plays an important role in maintaining skin elasticity, as it supports collagen fibers.
    • Collagen and elastin reinforce each other, so they work best when used together.

    How to use: lather the soap under water and apply the lather to the body, paying particular attention to the intimate area.

    Volume: 100g
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