UNIMAT RIKEN Lactic acid bacteria with calcium and vitamin D is a children's vitamin complex for children from 3 to 3 years old, aimed at maintaining a healthy intestinal microflora, strong teeth and bones, and supporting the child's immunity. Lactic acid bacteria synthesize antibacterial substances that prevent the development of purulent microorganisms. And this is not their only function in maintaining a healthy microflora. They participate in the synthesis of amino acids, the absorption of calcium and vitamin D. They also regulate the level of acidity. With their deficiency, dysbacteriosis is observed. Calcium occupies one of the first places in the human body in terms of quantitative content and plays a paramount role. It is contained in teeth and bones, occupies an important place in the metabolic process, plays a major role in the transmission of impulses in nerve cells. Lack of calcium can affect the normal functioning of the brain and cause the heart muscle to work poorly or even stop. Vitamin D. The amount of vitamin D in the body affects the area of ​​the bone marrow responsible for the synthesis of immune cells - monocytes, i.e. boosts immunity. Ingredients: lactic acid bacteria 2 billion, calcium 230 mg vitamin D 5 mg Application: 2 pcs a day, chewing thoroughly. Packing: 75 days
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