Lactic acid bacteria is a type of bacteria that is beneficial to the human body. They are widely used in medicine for the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the intestines, respiratory tract, to restore the intestinal microflora and stimulate the immune system. Vitamins with lactic acid bacteria are designed to improve the functioning of the human gastrointestinal tract. Calcium is necessary for a child for proper growth, the full development of bones and teeth, muscles and the nervous system. Vitamin D helps keep bones healthy. Vitamin C helps to resist colds, speed up recovery. Ingredients: energy - 9.18kcad, protein - 0.04g, carbohydrates - 1.83g, calcium - 306mg, vitamin C - 79mg, vitamin D - 4.7mg, lactic acid bacteria - three billion Application: 3 pcs per day Volume: 90pcs
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