TRANSINO WHITE is a whitening cosmetic aimed at lightening age spots, including age spots. The main active ingredient in TRANSINO White Whitening Lotion, 150 ml is tranexamic acid, which has the ability to reduce excess melanin synthesis in the skin.

    As a result, the overall skin tone is brightened and evened out, new spots do not appear, and existing ones become less noticeable. Tranexamic acid does not corrode the skin and does not increase peeling, it can be used in any season, it is advisable to use sunscreen during active sun. The first product in the TRANSINO line is a lotion that prepares the face for the application of Transino Whitening Serum and Cream.

    In the composition of hyaluronic acid, extracts of lotus and apricot, the active ingredient to reduce hyperpigmentation is tranexamic acid. Makes the skin more uniform and even, removes unwanted tan.

    How to use: morning and evening after washing, apply with a cotton pad or just with your hands, an amount of about half a teaspoon. Volume: 150 ml

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