SOLADAY 3 Ionic Toothbrush is a new generation ionized toothbrush for removing plaque.

    Brush Benefits: The main cause of plaque is S. mutans bacteria. These bacteria love sugar and easily stick to teeth, but are difficult to dissolve in water. With daily use of the SOLADAY 3 Ionic Toothbrush, bacterial growth is inhibited. The process of mineralization is the main reason for the formation of stony deposits on the teeth. After each meal, food particles stick to the surface of the teeth. Soft plaque (dental plaque) accumulates. It is important to brush your teeth regularly, removing soft deposits. Otherwise, the plaque increases in size, "soaks" with mineral components and hardens. This is how the stone is formed.

    SOLADAY 3 Ionic Toothbrush effectively removes plaque when present, minimizes plaque buildup on tooth surfaces and improves gum health. Tooth enamel becomes less sensitive, painful sensations disappear during brushing, gum bleeding noticeably decreases. In addition, the ionic toothbrush cleans the tongue, gums and inside of the cheeks, preventing the appearance of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity.

    Toothbrush features: Solar panel. When light hits a solar panel, it generates negative electrons. This allows you to get rid of plaque every day, which is the cause of unpleasant odor, caries, and diseases of the oral cavity.

    No battery replacement or charging required Replaceable brushes. The nozzle remains the same.

    Nozzle material: Stainless acrylic resin, titanium oxide. Brush material: acrylic resin, nylon

    Available colors: orange, purple, red, green

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