Renewed packaging of SLIM WALK Night tights - compression tights for sleep, relaxation.

    Tights create pressure that is distributed over the leg, improving blood and lymph circulation. Tights help relieve fatigue in the legs, tension, heaviness and pain in the legs during rest, sleep.

    Pressure on the ankles - 21hPA, on the calves - 16hPA, in the thighs - 11hPA

    Material: nylon, polyurethane, polyester

    Size: M~L (Length 150~165cm, Hip 85~98cm, Below Thigh 50~60cm, Calf 36~42cm, Ankle 21~25cm)

    S~M (Length 145~160cm, Hip 80~93cm, Below Thigh 45~53cm, Calf 32~38cm, Ankle 19~23cm)

    Care: According to product label

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