Glucomannan is a soluble fiber derived from konjac root that helps maintain normal bowel function. Glucomannan may also be helpful in maintaining healthy serum fat levels. In addition, products with konjac create a feeling of satiety with minimal calories, which is useful if you are on a diet.

    • Pasta has 25% fewer calories and sugar than standard wheat pasta.
    • One serving contains half your daily fiber requirement
    • contain a small amount of carbohydrates 11g per 100g
    • despite the reduced calorie content, they have the perfect taste and texture
    • when cooked, they increase in size by 20% more compared to standard options
    Composition and energy value per 100g: Energy 311 kcal per 100g, protein 11.0g, fat 1.9g, carbohydrates 74.2g (sugar 61.0g, dietary fiber 13 .2 g), salt equivalent 0.1 g
    durum wheat flour, bran, glucomannan, thickener. t3>Cook exactly 7 minutes

    Package: 400g
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