A healthy mix of five kinds of seaweed for making salads, adding to soups as an additional ingredient.
    The mix is ​​dried seaweed that expands by several times (3-4 times) and take on the appearance of a natural product.

    Take a small portion of the mixture and soak it in water for 10 minutes. After that, drain the water and rinse the seaweed before serving.
    To prepare a salad, mix seaweed and fresh herbs, season with any kind of sauce.
    Add seaweed to the soup just before serving, do not boil, do not boil.

    Always close the bag tightly when storing to avoid moisture.

    Energy value per 70g package: 83 kcal, protein 8, 5 g carbohydrates 30.7 g salt 10.1 g

    Ingredients: wakame seaweed, white fungus, agar, red seaweed, hijki seaweed
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