REFA Carat Ray Massager for face and body. Designed for massage of the face, neck, décolleté and forearms, as well as for various areas on the body: waist, hips, inner arms, thighs.

    Unlike its previous version REFA Carat differs by an increased solar battery, which allows you to generate almost twice as many microcurrents, which improves the quality and depth of the massage effect, improves blood circulation and stimulates the production of your own collagen.

    All massagers of the Ray line stand out with their larger battery and characteristic ribbed handle design. The battery does not need to be recharged and is sufficient for daylight.

    The massager is platinum-plated and water-resistant.

    How it works: Spheres with many small triangular facets gently grab a layer of skin between themselves and produce a delicate massage effect. The size of the edges and the distance between the spheres are thought out so that an unusual and very pleasant effect of grabbing and moving the skin and muscles is obtained. Such a massage is as similar as possible to a salon lifting procedure. Massaging movements deeply affect your skin. Spherical lymphatic drainage rollers help stimulate blood circulation and improve skin elasticity.

    It is recommended to massage regularly (daily) for 5-7 minutes in the morning and evening.

    Packaging: massager, instructions for use (Japanese and English), case, 1 year warranty card

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