The night gel mask effectively fights wrinkles and all signs of aging, it perfectly moisturizes the skin, visibly tightens the contour of the face, evens out skin tone, narrows enlarged pores, prevents the appearance of a double chin and “sagging” cheeks, and gives a healthy radiant look to the skin.


    • Fullerene is a special form of carbon. Outperforms vitamin C by 125 times. At the same time, unlike other antioxidants, fullerene is not oxidized, its antioxidant properties remain long-lasting and unchanged.
    • EGF - epidermal growth factor, was discovered in 1962 by Dr. Stanley Cohen from the USA. A new thermostable protein has been discovered. Tests on skin and epithelial tissues confirmed the fact that this substance stimulates cell growth. The EGF protein stimulates skin regeneration, accelerates cell division, and due to these properties, it is actively used in medicine as an effective and safe agent for wound healing, skin recovery after operations and deep peels.
    • Royal jelly rejuvenates and gives the skin firmness and elasticity.
    • Platinum is a very rare and expensive metal, which is valued not only in jewelry, but also in science. Platinum particles themselves are a strong antioxidant and remove excess active oxygen from skin cells, as well as restore the electrolytic balance of cell membranes, preventing the harmful effects of free radicals.
    • Ascorbic acid is useful for the skin around the eyes, has healing, regenerating and whitening effects
    • Hyaluronic acid forms the thinnest, but very strong protective film over the skin, enhancing its natural resistance to any aggressive attacks from the outside, fills age and even mimic wrinkles, smoothing them, maintains the necessary level of moisture in the skin cells.
    • Ginseng extract renews and saturates the cells of the epidermis, tones and heals the skin, has antibacterial properties and stimulates collagen production.
    • Placenta has a powerful rejuvenating effect. Wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin is tightened and becomes more elastic and thickened, age spots turn pale and disappear, the complexion improves, the surface layer of the epidermis is leveled.

    To use: Apply with a spatula to cleansed skin after using lotion and cream. Use only at night. Wash off in the morning with a cleanser.

    Use two to three times a week.

    Ingredients: water, EGF , FGF, fullerene, collagen, hyaluronic acid, ascorbyl palmitate, horse placenta extract, ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10), hydrolyzed yeast, hyaluronic acid, sericin (silk), ginseng extract, royal jelly extract, platinum, licorice root, soybean extract, glycerin, hydrogenated lecithin, citric acid, lactic acid.

    Suitable for mature skin.

    Volume: 30 gr

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