Sheet masks are a salvation for any woman, especially when there is a catastrophic lack of time and you need to quickly refresh your face. And masks with snake venom serum, which is secreted by temple snakes, are a double salvation. Snake venom is one of the most effective skin care products with anti-aging effect. Able to smooth fine wrinkles. The mask is made of medium density fabric. The eye, nose and mouth openings are neat and fit well when applied. The mask is saturated with snake essence in sufficient quantity, and when taken out of the bag it does not flow or drip. The mask is applied to a clean face, well leveled and kept for 15-20 minutes. Not harmful, and fall asleep with it on your face. Overnight, all the essence will be absorbed thoroughly. Packing: 50 masks. After opening the package, the masks do not dry out, and within two months after opening they fully retain their effectiveness. The only thing that is necessary is to carefully close the packaging with masks (for this, the packaging is equipped with a tight lock)
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