MA CHERIA Travel set of shampoo, conditioner and soap Shampoo, 50 ml has a floral fruity fragrance that lingers for quite a long time after you wash your hair. The shampoo moisturizes the hair well, suitable for daily use, does not dry the ends. Contains wine extract, vitamin B8 (inositol) & moisturizing amino acid complex. Highly penetrating moisturizing ingredients keep hair shiny and supple. Conditioner, 50 ml has a floral fruity aroma, makes hair smooth and shiny, removes static electricity, moisturizes, and makes hair easier to comb. Gentle liquid soap, 50 ml, gently and effectively cleanses the skin, moisturizes, gives softness and elasticity. The sweet, fresh floral-fruity fragrance lingers for a long time, leaving no room for sweat odor. Packing: Shampoo, 50 ml; conditioner, 50 ml and liquid soap, 50 ml are packed in a plastic travel bag with a tight-fitting lock.
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