LEBEL Trie Tuner Oil Dry Silk Hair Styling Oil

    • Suitable for damaged hair with dry and coarse ends.
    • The oily texture glides on easily without leaving a greasy feeling.
    • Smoothes the surface of the hair, gives a glossy shine.
    • Nourishes and moisturizes the hair, eliminates their "fluffiness".
    • Makes stiff or curly hair plastic, malleable to straightening or pulling.
    • Does not weigh down and is suitable for absolutely any type of hair.
    • Thermosetting component helps keep hair hydrated and hair ends more manageable.
    • Protects against aggressive environmental factors and thermal effects.
    • Protection level is SPF30.

    Contains: Squalene, macadamia nut oils, tocopherol.

    How to use:apply a small amount of oil to damp hair starting at the ends, NOT at the roots of the hair. Use on wet or dry hair.

    Vial: 60ml
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