Label Serum Oil Essence - hair oil - is designed to moisturize, smooth and restore the structure of dry, damaged, naughty, porous, weakened hair. Protects against aggressive environmental factors and thermal effects Gives hair a glossy shine smoothes frizz SPF30 Ingredients: Inca Inchi seed oil, vitamin E, cell membrane complex. Aromatherapy: Floral, vegetal aromas with a fruity sweet note, feminine and unobtrusive. How to use: 1-2 presses of the dispenser will be enough for hair of medium length and density. Heat the required amount in the palms of your hands and evenly distribute the product with combing movements over wet hair, starting from the tips, along the entire length except for the roots. Do not rinse. Can be used on already dry hair, but at the same time reduce the amount of the product by half. Volume: 100ml
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