Lebel Proedit Bounce Fit - 2-pack shampoo and hair mask.

    Lebel Proedit Bounce Fit - shampoo designed for restoration of severely damaged hair that has become dry and brittle. The structure of the hair is regenerated, its surface is leveled. As a result, the hair becomes dense elastic, hair fragility disappears. The shampoo cleanses the hair itself well, as well as the skin on the head. Neutralizes and removes residual substances after chemical exposure. A small amount of shampoo, up to 10 milliliters, is enough to wash medium length hair. The shampoo can be used every day.

    Lebel Proedit Bounce Fit - mask supplies nourishment and moisture for hair to absorb. As a result, the hair takes on a natural lively shine, smoothly and well fit into the hairstyle. With regular use of this mask, the hair will stop splitting at the ends. After washing the head, the mask is applied evenly to the hair and washed off with lukewarm water after five to ten minutes. Can be used daily.


    Two sets of your choice:

    • Shampoo (300 ml) + mask (250 ml)
    • Shampoo (700 ml) + mask (600 ml)
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