The Japanese company Lebel has developed a new program of molecular hair restoration with a high degree of damage "Happiness for hair". The program restores damaged hair, gives it shine and prolongs the youthfulness of hair. The active substances included in the composition, such as: honey and hyaluronic acid, moisturize and protect the hair, soy keratin proteins restore elasticity and give them strength, and liquid bamboo extract increases hair elasticity. The set combines comprehensive hair and scalp care. All cosmetic products contain a high percentage of natural antioxidants that block the harmful effects of free radicals on the hair and scalp. After the procedure, the hair restores the necessary nutritional moisture, acquire a healthy and radiant appearance. Also suitable for colored hair. Your hair will get radiant shine and strength after the first application! The system consists of 4 main products and a hair mask, which is recommended to be used between treatments. The procedure is carried out in 4 stages according to the instructions. The system is designed for 10-12 applications for medium length hair. The procedure is recommended to be carried out 1-2 times a month. The set includes: 1. Protein hair activator serum, 150 ml 2. Intensive cream for moisturizing the scalp and hair, 500 ml 3. Mousse for moisturizing the scalp and hair, 500 ml 4. Fixing hair gel, 500 ml 5. Cream concentrate for moisturizing hair, 40 ml Detailed instructions for use: Step 1. Wash your hair with shampoo. After that, apply the first remedy - mousse - on each strand (after diluting it with hot water, in a ratio of 2: 1 and knocking it into foam). For short hair, 3 pumps are enough, for medium length hair 6 pumps, for long hair 8 pumps. Massage your hair and scalp for 3-5 minutes. After the massage, thoroughly rinse the composition with water. Pat your hair dry with a towel. Proceed to the next stage. Step 2 On wet hair, apply the second product - protein serum, dividing the hair into strands. For short hair, 6 applications are enough for each strand, 12 applications for medium length hair, and 18 applications for long hair. Step 3 Comb your hair, and without rinsing off the serum, apply the third remedy to the hair - an intensive cream that eliminates structural damage along the entire length. Without holding time, proceed to the next step Step 4 Apply the fourth treatment - fixing serum along the entire length, slightly retreating from the hair roots, to consolidate the result. For short hair, 1 press is enough, for medium length hair, 3 presses and for long hair, 4 presses. Step 5 Comb your hair several times to evenly distribute the products. And fix the result by applying a cream-concentrate for moisturizing hair (5M). No hold time, rinse all products with water without using shampoo. Dry your hair in the usual way.
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