KITKAT Matcha Green Tea Flavored is a traditional Japanese Kit-Kat chocolate bar with matcha tea and elite gyokuro green tea leaves.

    Kit-Kat with green tea is made from chocolate mass, which contains, among other things, cocoa butter, vegetable fats and oils, milk, and biscuits (from flour). Special ingredients - matcha paste, matcha, green tea.

    The Japanese Kit-Kat also contains antioxidants - vitamin E.

    Ingredients: chocolate mass (vegetable oils and fats, sugar, lactose, whole milk powder, cocoa butter), biscuits (wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, salt) , wheat flour, lactose, vegetable oils and fats, sugar, matcha paste, matcha, green tea, whole milk powder, cocoa powder, yeast, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier (including soya), baking powder, lemon acid, sodium bicarbonate, flavors, nutritional yeast, antioxidants (vitamin E)

    Pack: 12 mini bars, weight 145g

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