GABAIYOKA Mask with charcoal for blackheads - a mask for removing blackheads, blackheads, light fluff on the face. The mask contains three main components for absorbing sebum and dirt from enlarged pores - charcoal, clay, and mannan (a high molecular weight polysaccharide obtained from the tubers of the konjac plant).

    After the mask, the skin becomes visibly clearer, more even and smoother. Makeup goes on much smoother on such skin.

    To use: Apply a thin layer of mask to clean skin, let it absorb and dry for 20 minutes.

    Ingredients: water, polyvinyl alcohol, ethanol, butylene glycol, charcoal, horse oil, mannan, Moroccan clay, witch hazel extract, grape leaf extract, lemon extract

    Volume: 90 g

    Production: Japan

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