FANCL FDR Milk for dry and sensitive skin

    FANCL FDR Milk (Fancl Doctor) - Doctor FANCL. The FANCL FDR series belongs to the treatment series and is designed for dry, thin and sensitive skin. Cream FANCL FDR Milk for Dry and Sensitive Skin is based on two functional ingredients: ceramides and components that provide a protective barrier for the skin against moisture depletion. They also enhance the barrier function of the skin, making it velvety. As a rule, dry skin is very sensitive, and often prone to irritation. The cream contains ingredients developed by FANCL (extracts from licorice root), which protect the skin from irritation, rashes while providing the skin with the necessary moisture. The cream does not contain preservatives, artificial additives. Therefore, the shelf life of milk after opening is 21 days.

    Usage: Open the vial by turning the cap counterclockwise and remove the protective ring. Put a couple of drops of lotion on the palm of your hand and distribute it with massage movements over the face.

    Vial volume: 10 ml

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