CUREL Dry Skin Mini Kit - Trial Curel Moisturizing Lotion and Cream Dry Skin Kit. The set is designed for 10-12 days with daily use. The set includes: Curel Moisture Lotion, 30 ml - Curel Intensive Moisture Cream, 10 g - moisturizer A series for the care of dry and prone to inflammation and sensitive skin. With a lack of ceramides in the skin, its protective functions are reduced, the skin is prone to inflammation and flaking, and the water-lipid balance of the skin is destroyed. Restores the balance of ceramides in the skin, increases the protective functions of the skin, moisturized, smooth and elastic skin. This Curel series is recommended: for people with sensitive skin - the protective barrier increases, irritation and redness of the skin are eliminated, ceramides in the series soothe the skin, making it soft and tender. for people with dry and prone to inflammation and flaking skin, the Curel series restores the water balance in the skin, provides excellent hydration.
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