COTTON LABO Oxygen Mask is an illuminating mask that promotes a healthy complexion and shrinks pores. Oxygen masks are very easy to use and give good results after the first application. Cleansing dry face mask Cotton Labo based on carbonic acid. Add water to the mask and carbon dioxide will take effect (reaction time will be only 2-3 minutes). Carboxytherapy is a very popular cosmetic procedure in Asia, its effectiveness lies in the effect of carbon on the skin. The mechanism of action of carboxytherapy: when the Cotton Labo non-woven face mask interacts with a humid environment, a large amount of carbon dioxide is released. The mask serves as protection and does not allow the gas to escape, so all the gas penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis. Due to this, the acidic environment of the skin changes, and the released oxygen saturates the skin with oxygen.

    Usage: The dry mask is made of pure bamboo cotton, to use it, you just need to wet it and apply it on a clean face for 5 minutes, after wetting the mask will start to foam and your face will tingle a little. After 5 minutes, remove the mask, wash and apply a moisturizer.

    The manufacturer recommends making a mask once a week, it is most effective to apply it at the moment when you are taking a bath. After application, blood circulation and microcirculation improves, circles under the eyes and dullness of the skin decrease, pores narrow, the skin becomes clean, radiant and moisturized

    Volume: 3 pcs

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