• B&S Cosmos Lact Pet Lactobacillus Extract 100ml
      (or Lactis ZOO)

      It is an extract that produces lactic acid bacteria in the body. Additive Cosmos Lact is an analogue of Lactis additive (from the Japanese company B&S Corporation), but adapted for pets (dogs, cats).

      • for physically weak pets, with poor appetite
      • gastrointestinal problems
      • worried about the smell of excrement
      • poor coat condition;
      • lacrimation and conjunctivitis
      B&S Cosmos Lact - is a extract that produces lactic acid bacteria when ingested. It is obtained by cultivating 16 types of lactic acid bacteria in soy milk for a long period of time (about a year). The supplement activates your pet's intestinal flora and protects it from harmful micro-organisms.

      To maintain your pet's health, add the supplement to your pet's food or drinking water daily.
      For weak, sick, and very elderly animals, the daily dose can be doubled .

      Daily dosage based on the weight of the pet (the lid is a measuring cup with a scale, one division equals 1 ml):
      • Weight up to 10 kg: 1-2 ml
      • Weight 10 - 30 kg: 3 - 4 ml
      • Weight from 30 kg: 5 - 7 ml

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